Price: $49.99

This innovative new handcuff key was designed for a specialized elite U.S. unit whose members are at high risk of being taken captive and require improved odds of escape. It can also be a valuable, potentially life-saving, device for undercover law enforcement operatives and even street officers.

This device is based on the proven theory that things often are most securely hidden when in plain sight. The most ignored things that people carry are coins. Rarely does anyone pay the slightest attention to a bunch of coins, even during searches.

Who would have ever thought that a handcuff key could be concealed inside of nickels? Keep this device, along with some regular coins, in your pant's back pocket, so that you can easily access it while handcuffed behind your back. To deploy, just run your finger along the coin's edge, and its integral handcuff key smoothly pivots out, ready for use. The coin itself serves as an oversize handle, providing increased control while under stress.

Patent pending. Made in USA.

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