High Powered Burning, Cutting CO2 Laser PLAN BY EMAIL  

  Price: $8.99
Plan to build your own....Generates Temperatures Exceeding That of Most Cutting Torches!! Projects an invisible beam of heat capable of burning and melting materials over a considerable distance. This laser is one of the most efficient devices, converting up to 10% of its input power into useful output. Not only is the device a workhorse in welding, cutting and heat processing materials but it also is a likely candidate as an effective directed energy beam weapon against missiles, aircraft, ground-to- ground, etc.. Particle beams may very well utilize a laser of this type to blast a channel in the atmosphere for a high energy stream of neutrons or other particles. The unit is built in two parts consisting of the water cooled laser head with a plasma discharge tube and necessary optics. A power supply is connected via an umbilical cord and allows remote control of the system. Device is easily applicable to burning and etching wood, cutting, plastics, textiles, trimming and light metal work. Special focusing lens available. DANGER Class IV Laser 44Pages 20 - 30 Watts of Continuous Power 10.6 u Natural Window Thru Air Easily Cuts Plastics, Paper, Textiles, Ceramics, Etc. Burns and Etches Wood Laser Head Features Water Cooled 30" Discharge Tube with Adjustable Mirrors Power Supply Features Adjustable Power Control, Two Auxiliary Circuits Remote Control Input is 115 VAC @ 5 Amps, Includes Amp Meter Output is 10,000 Volts 60 ma. This is a dangerous Class IV laser project and requires initial purchase of plans including our hazardous equipment affidavit that must be signed before purchase of the actual system. Great Advanced Science Project! LC7 -