Ion Ray Gun Kit Low Power Model  

  Price: $119.99
Conduct Many Bizarre And Interesting Experiments!
This series of ion ray and force field gun utilizes a self oscillating circuit with a current controlled transformer. The circuit produces a 7 to 9kv high frequency output voltage and an over current shutdown for safety when used in certain experiments as shown. The oscillator output is fed to a full wave voltage consisting of a number of stages that convert and multiply the peak value of the voltage waveform. Output resistors help control the high capacitive discharge currents that could damage the multiplier section. The circuitry is housed in a 1- 5/8" od length of plastic tubing. A 6" length is attached to the main housing to provide a butt handle like a hand gun. This section houses the 8 "AA" battery cell holder and has a strip of conductive metal tape to make contact to the users hand. This forces the users body to the syytem ground and provides a virtual ground for charge return. A simple push button switch controls power to the device. Project Shocks Without Contact
1-5/8"x 14" Gun Configuration
Trigger Switch
Internal AA Batteries In Handle ...Low Power Model
IOG3K - Kit/Plans of Mini Model - 35 kv/m